Welcome to Pretty Green Living

Hello and welcome to Pretty Green Living! I’m starting this blog at the start of 2017 as I embark on a quest to live a greener, healthier and economically savvy life that doesn’t compromise on style, taste or fun. I’m confident that it’s possible to make green lifestyle choices without having to give up all the things you love in life. With a bit of creativity and compromise you can have the best of both worlds.

As as the world becomes a more turbulent and crowded place, the choices we make as individuals can have a big impact. By making consistent, small changes we can start to make a big difference. But green living doesn’t have to be all about seriousness and self-denial. You can have fun whilst living a green life which I hope to demonstrate with this blog. I’m by no means an expert in green living but with a bit of experimentation and trial and error I’m planning to find out what works (and what doesn’t work!) and pass that information onto you. I’m also attempting to start a new, green business so will be sharing some tips and hints along the way for any entrepreneurs out there.

This blog is divided into different sections. In ‘eating’ there are ideas and recipes for all your food needs. In ‘making’ there are projects for you to try in order to help you live a greener life. In ‘growing’ you will find all your green, gardening needs. In ‘shopping’ there will be suggestions for making green consumer choices and saving money . Finally in ‘useful stuff’ you will find links to other resources such as websites and books.

In my previous life I worked as a science teacher so I love all things science related and proudly consider myself a nerd. I’m also a big fan of anything vintage and can happily watch a whole series of Downton Abbey in one day. I live in the wonderful city of Milton Keynes with my husband, daughter and two cats in our slowly-being-fixed up mid-terrace.

Happy New Year to everyone reading this and let’s see if, together, we can have a pretty green 2017!



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